Litigation Support

Investigators in our litigation support division have extensive experience in conducting the necessary fact-finding that is critical to defending companies and individuals during prosecutorial proceedings and during the pursuit of justice for those injured or killed in matters of personal injury and wrongful death.  The criminal, personal injury and wrongful death matters investigated by our litigation support group involve a close working relationship with legal counsels and their clients.  We stay abreast of investigation trends in these areas, some of which develop rapidly.  


MKW Investigations also supports business entities who may have been victims of criminal conduct by employees or others.  We are experienced in conducting confidential internal investigations to identify wrongdoers, assessing the harm, and presenting the facts found during our investigative inquiries.

Criminal Defense

Fact Finding Investigations

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

HR Business Partner

A company’s relationship with its employees is undergoing constant and fundamental change. Businesses continue to face an increasing number of employee based complaints, coupled with heightened government enforcement of these matters. MKW Investigations strategically partners with employers and their human resources divisions to help avoid and solve workplace problems.


Our approach is client-oriented; we act as a business partner and work closely with clients to help them avoid expensive and counterproductive legal disputes through vast and thorough fact-finding investigations, and via alternative dispute resolution.

EEO Investigations

Employment Relations

Internal Misconduct Investigations

Federal Final Agency Decisions (FAD)

Ethics and Civil Rights

MKW Investigations has a long history of assisting legal counsel in representing clients who have had their civil rights violated. We have successfully investigated constitutional and statutory rights that protect individuals from discrimination in the workplace, in public accommodations, in housing, in education, and in transit. Additionally, we assist businesses with their regulatory compliance requirements of ensuring that their customers, clients, and employees are not being treated differently on the basis of their race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.


Our investigation team also has strong ethics compliance credentials. We assist our clients when the receive allegations from their ethics hotlines, from whistleblowers, and internal complaints. MKW Investigations helps with the organization and development of a fact-finding process for responding to these allegations internally. Our investigators will work with your ethics and compliance professionals to assure that issues are vetted and managed in an efficient and timely manner.

Titles VI | VII | IX Compliance

Ethics Investigations and Monitoring

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Background Investigations

More than ever, there is intense pressure to minimize the likelihood of a bad hiring decision and the negative fallout that results. Poor hiring practices can damage corporate value.


A poor, unvetted hiring decision can have unforeseen ramifications that can impact a potential business deal; it can invite opportunities for theft and fraud; it can ensnare a business into unnecessary litigation, and poor hiring can invite a host of other issues that may put an entire organization in jeopardy. For these reasons, businesses are re-examining their approach to comprehensive background screening and due diligence investigations.


MKW Investigations provides clients corporate background investigation services that deliver the intelligence and insight needed to reduce the risk and impact associated with doing business. Our investigation professionals provide comprehensive, discreet assistance that equips them with the knowledge to make intelligent hiring decisions.


Driving History

Credentials Verification

Skip-trace/Witness Locate

Vendor/Supplier Screening

Level-I Background Check

Level-II Background Check

Executive Background Check

State Criminal Records Inquiry

Date Clever™ Public Records

Business/Transactional Due Diligence